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FAQs About Getting Started

Ready to start building your dream space? At KSI, we work hard to understand your unique vision and needs so we can tailor our process to you.

Everything You Need to Get Started

With more than 50 years in the business, we know that some questions come up every time. Have questions? Find answers here.

Have a question you don’t see answered here? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How much will it cost to remodel my space?

Our award-winning team of designers will walk you through every aspect of your project, allowing you to narrow in on your expected investment. Considerations include whether you retain your existing footprint or design a new layout, keep or replace your appliances, and your selections for door style, wood species, finishes, countertops, and flooring. KSI has options to fit all budgets!

How do I get started with my project? Do you charge a design retainer?

At KSI, we follow a simple, five-step design process to bring your new space to life. The first step is a design consultation at one of our design centers, where we meet to understand what you want to accomplish in your space. If you decide that you would like us to move forward with creating a design for your space, we proceed to developing a design! The collection of a design retainer dedicates our professional designer’s time and effort to your project – they’re working for you! With a design retainer, our design professionals will conduct a field measure and craft a beautiful design, including 3D renderings, tailored specifically for your space and based on your needs and desires.

What types of cabinets should I choose for my space?

From framed to full -access to inset, there are many types of cabinetry – each with different aesthetics and functionality. At our design centers, our professional designers will demonstrate the different types of cabinetry for you so that you can make a selection that best fits your style and needs.

What type of countertop should I choose for my space?

There are many countertops to choose from—quartz, porcelain, soapstone, granite, and solid surface.

What surface material you choose depends on how you plan to use your countertop, your expectations of the surface and your budget. Use our countertop guide to help you narrow your selection.


Quartz is a blend of quartz and resins that form a hard, durable surface. It has a very similar feel to granite. The colors and patterns created typically have little variation and provide a consistent appearance.

Like granite, quartz may show visible seams. In addition to its durability, quartz tops handle heat well and require little maintenance.


Combining the practical advantages of strength and durability with a striking profile, porcelain has become an exciting new on-trend countertop material. It’s easy to maintain, UV resistant, and available in a wide variety of colors to compliment your new space.


Quarried like granite and marble, soapstone is soft to touch yet far from absorbent. If soapstone picks up a stain or discoloration, it sits on the surface and can easily be scrubbed or sanded off.

While slates, marbles, most granites, limestones and travertines are absorbent, soapstone is not. Even after 100 years of hard use, soapstone can be re-finished to a new state as though it was just installed.

Soapstone is perfect for achieving a warm, old-fashioned, rustic or Early-American look. It’s also versatile enough that you can use it in modern designs. Upon installation of soapstone countertops, we recommend that the stone is sealed with mineral oil or stone sealer.

The mineral oil and some light penetrating sealers will bring a dark richness to the stone’s natural color and work as a protective sealing layer. Mineral oil may be re-applied to the stone periodically.


As a natural stone, the beauty and feel of granite are hard to match. It is durable, handles heat well and comes in almost 200 variations. Depending on the granite you select, it may require periodic sealing and show visible seams.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops (i.e., Corian) are typically acrylic products that are durable and adaptable. Hundreds of colors and a large variety of edge profiles are available.

Solid surface countertops have moderate heat resistance and hard-to-find seams. And while solid surface tops can scratch, you can also repair them easily.

What type of flooring should I choose for my space?

Today, the variety of materials, colors and textures available for flooring make your choices endless. It is essential to consider the total investment you want to make in the project.

Consider how you use the space and how traffic will flow through it. This will help you and your designer determine the degree of durability you’ll need and what colors you’ll want to consider (lighter-colored finishes show less wear than darker finishes.)

Knowing what you can afford to allocate for flooring will give you some direction as you narrow your selections.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

If you’re seeking an upscale look that offers both durability and performance, luxury vinyl tile is an emerging category in flooring options. These tiles are offered in an array of colors and designs that are often absent when shopping for ceramic tiles.

They feel warmer underfoot and provide more “give” than traditional ceramic tiles. This comfortable surface is ideal for high-traffic areas and is waterproof and easy to maintain or repair.


Tile is a durable option for high-traffic areas like foyers, kitchens and baths. From classic porcelain to travertine, there are plenty of options. Ceramic tile is durable and available in many colors, textures and styles with the option of designing borders and inserting designs.

Tile is easy to clean. However, debris may become trapped in the grout lines. A good steam cleaning refreshes grout, and a sealer can help minimize this. Tile flooring is one of the more stain-resistant options and can last for decades with some minimal maintenance.


Wood is a popular choice today. It creates a warm, classic appearance and works with almost any kind of decor. Wood floors can last for decades with some maintenance and can be refinished for a whole new look.

Prefinished wood floors withstand heavy traffic and stains and remain durable if maintained properly. Most spills and debris — if cleaned up quickly — will not damage wood floors.

How long will it take to remodel my space? / What is the installation process?

The time required to complete a project varies based on the products you order and the scope of work in the remodel. Cabinets must be ordered and delivered; upon cabinetry delivery, countertops are templated and fabricated and your contractor or our installers will work to complete a variety of jobs. These may include tear-out, new drywall construction, electrical, plumbing, tile work, cabinet, flooring and countertop installation, as well as other finishing, painting and trim work. Your KSI designer will communicate with you every step of the way to provide a clear timeline based on your individual project.

What can I prepare for and expect during the installation process?

  • If you are remodeling a kitchen, you may consider setting up a make-shift kitchen in another room with a microwave, small sink, place settings, etc. You may arrange ahead of time with your contractor to set the refrigerator up in an alternate location. It is a good idea to plan on eating out, grilling or microwaving your meals. If accessible, you may want to wash your dishes in the laundry or bathroom.
  • If you are remodeling a bathroom — especially if it is your only bathroom — pre-arrange with your contractor to have the toilet reset at the end of each workday. Each morning, your contractor will disconnect the toilet and remove it to create an additional workspace for tiling and flooring. A reset will make the toilet functional again each night.

Regardless of what room you are remodeling, expect dust and dirt in your home! Even if the contractor carefully hangs plastic or tarps around the area to be renovated, a layer of dust will still settle throughout your home.

Secondly, expect the unexpected. Issues requiring additional work or repairs are often not discovered until walls, cabinets or soffits are removed. This can result in additional costs.

Additions to the scope of the project or changes you make to the project while in progress may also impact costs. We recommend you leave an allowance in your budget to account for any unforeseen costs.

Will my remodeling project be completed within my planned budget?

A remodeling project is a significant investment in your home. As such, it can create anxiety, especially if you are concerned with going over budget. At KSI, we work hard to create a timeline and budget that helps you avoid the unexpected.

Careful planning and decision-making with a professional design and installation team can help to ensure you are confident in your decisions and account for all the details.

Even so, there are often unforeseen costs in a remodeling project, especially after walls, existing cabinetry and soffits are removed. We recommend building a 10% cushion over the contracted price into your budget to account for any change orders or unforeseen costs.

Do you offer financing?

KSI does offer financing to help break your home investment into affordable monthly payments. We work with Enhancify to provide a menu of financing options from a variety of lenders, giving you multiple options to select from when financing your project.

Do you offer a warranty?

KSI stands behind our work and products with the following warranties:

  • KSI Installation Warranty. All workmanship is covered under the terms of this warranty for three (3) years. This means if a product we installed fails due to our workmanship within three (3) years, we will repair or replace it without charge.
  • Product Warranty. Within the first three (3) years, if any product we both sold and installed for you fails to function properly due to manufacturer defects, we will remove, replace or repair it free of charge.
  • Manufacturer Warranty. As an authorized distributor for the for the cabinet lines we offer, KSI will facilitate the replacement of any components that fail due to manufacturer’s defect during the entire manufacturer warranty period. Please refer to your manufacturer’s warranty if the issue exceeds three (3) years.