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Builder Sales - Southeast MI & OH Design Center

Tom Fisher

Design & Sales Consultant

B.S.B.A., Adrian College

Designing since 1981 | Joined KSI 1987

Years in the industry have taught Tom that the world of home building and remodeling is ever changing and evolving. Staying on top of the latest product innovations and current trends keeps him energized and helps him bring a fresh perspective when working with his clients.

Working with builders, contractors and homeowners, Tom avoids “cookie cutter” design solutions and strives to provide recommendations that are uniquely tailored to their individual needs. The vast array of product options and specialty items can be overwhelming to most people. Listening to his client’s needs allows him to effectively guide them through the selection process and eliminate the confusion that often comes when so many choices are available.

Despite be tenured in his own right, Tom is not afraid to tap into the wealth of experience on his team. “We’ve got literally hundreds of years of design expertise between us. I love bouncing ideas off our other designers. Another set of eyes is always going to benefit the client.”

Associations: NKBA, HBA of Livingston County