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Ann Arbor, MI Design Center

Jill Vanderwal


Joined KSI 2000

Jill’s love for decoration and designing started as a young kid as she was the one who decorated their family for all the holidays. This love for decorating evolved into designing when she joined the KSI team in 2000.

She started at KSI as a receptionist, but her interest was in designing beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. As an assistant to multiple salesmen, she had the opportunity to learn from many of the industry’s best designers.  As a designer, Jill has taken these lessons and incorporates her style to develop transitional home designs.

Jill understands many of the obstacles people with disabilities face on a daily basis and has developed several ADA-compliant kitchens and baths to help her disabled clients realize their homes can be both fashionable and functional as well.

Associations: NKBA