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Birmingham, MI Design Center

Christina Fukumoto


B.A. in Interior Design from Michigan State University

Designing since 2013 | Joined KSI 2021

After receiving her B.A. in 2010, Christina spent two years in the furniture sales industry where she honed her sales skills and learned how to interact with clients. For the next nine years, she worked as an interior designer for several local kitchen and bath design centers before joining KSI.  Over the years, Christina has creating amazing spaces utilizing over 15 different cabinet lines. 

“I knew I wanted to be an interior designer since I was 12 years old. I went into design because I always felt truly good design improves humans’ quality of life,” says Christina.  “A smartly design kitchen or bath can improve a workspace, increase storage with little to no increase in size of room, and bring peace and harmony to a home.”

“What excites me about design is the opportunity to improve a client’s life through good design. Also, I am always aware that it is a privilege to be allowed into someone’s home and it takes an great amount of trust to turn it upside-down for a few months for a renovation. This is something I try to always keep in mind throughout the entire design process and into the actual implementation of a project. We should never lose sight of the ‘human element’ of our job.”

Christina’s design style is a mix of contemporary, industrial, and mid-mod (mid-century modern). “I also appreciate Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism,” adds Christina.  “In college, I really dug into researching the theory of Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to find balance and harmony between elements.   It’s something I keep in my mind to this day when designing.”

Associations: NKBA, Interior Design Society