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Brighton, MI Design Center

Ambra Colaizzi


Designing since 2020 | Joined KSI 2020

Ambra’s passion for design started in high school where she pursued architecture and interior design as a course of study. “Growing up in Italy, I was surrounded by amazing architecture and beautiful art that inspired me to explore a career in design.”

After completing an AutoCAD course and obtaining the title of Master of Art and Design, Ambra moved to the United States where she worked in an interior design showroom for four years while acquiring her Residential Interior Design Qualification Certificate. On completion of her studies, she realized that kitchen and bath design truly was the right path for her.

Ambra’s love of cooking constantly informs her kitchen design process. “My true passion has always been food and cooking traditional recipes for friends and family. Spending so much time in the kitchen, I’ve learned to always keep accessibility and functionality in mind when designing a space.”

Outside of work Ambra enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring new activities and adventures.

Associations: NKBA

Certifications: Residential Interior Design Qualification