What is the installation process?

January 29, 2017

Every remodel is different, but, the basic installation process includes these steps:

  1. Your existing materials will be removed and disposed of.
  2. New electrical, if required, will be installed.
  3. New plumbing, if required, will be installed.
  4. The walls will be repaired and prepped for paint.
  5. The cabinets will get installed.
  6. The countertop will be measured and a template will be made.
  7. The trim for the cabinets will get installed.
  8. The painting of your space can be completed.
  9. The custom countertop is installed.
  10. The final plumbing will be connected and your space will be functioning once again.
  11. If applicable, the tile backsplash will be installed.
  12. If applicable, the new floor will be installed (if not installed prior to step 5)