What do I need to know about permits?

January 29, 2017

This is an area most people would prefer to ignore, but, it is important to address. Various permits are often required for a full kitchen or bath renovation. Permits are intended to protect you from poor workmanship and potential damage. Only licensed trades can pull permits.

Here are some basic guidelines for knowing when to pull a permit:

  • If a mechanical (electrical, heating or plumbing) is being moved then a permit may be required.
  • If a wall is being moved then a permit may be required.

The permit cost for each of these areas varies by city and scope of work, but, a typical full remodel project will generally have permit costs between $300 and $1000.

As a result of permits being pulled, there may be additional time required by the installer for the project. It is a good idea to plan on an additional $500 to cover that. You can also assume your project will take an additional week to complete, allotting a couple of no-work days while waiting for inspectors.