What can I prepare for and expect during the installation process?

January 29, 2017

Expect your room to be out of commission for at least one to eight weeks.

  • If you are remodeling a kitchen, you may want to consider setting up a make-shift kitchen in another room with microwave, small sink, place settings, etc. You may arrange ahead of time with your contractor to have the refrigerator set up in an alternate location. It is a good idea to plan on eating out, grilling or microwaving your meals. If accessible, you may want to wash your dishes in the laundry or bathroom.
  • If the remodel you have planned is a bathroom — especially if it is your only bathroom — pre-arrange with your contractor to have the toilet reset at the end of each workday. Each morning, they’ll disconnect the toilet and remove it to create additional workspace for tiling and flooring. A reset will make the toilet functional again each night.

Regardless of what room you are remodeling, expect dust and dirt in your home! Even if the contractor carefully hangs plastic or tarps around the area to be remodeled, a layer of dust will still settle throughout your home.

Expect the unexpected. Often times issues requiring additional work or repairs are not discovered until walls, cabinets or soffits are removed. This can result in additional costs. Remodeling and design experts recommend you leave an allowance in your budget to account for these unforeseen costs. Additions to the scope of the project or changes you make to the project while in progress may also impact costs.