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Livonia, MI Design Center

Mackenzie York

Associate Designer

Designing since 2015 | Joined KSI 2021

For all of Mackenzie’s career she has been designing by this quote, “The details are not the details, they make the design.”- Charles Eames. This has inspired her to broaden her knowledge in different design styles and types of architecture. By doing so, she hopes to design according to each client’s needs. “Details are so much more important than people realize. The littlest things can really change the outcome of the entire space.” Mackenzie takes pride in millwork design as well as product knowledge. 

In Mackenzie’s free time she loves to cook, bake, and even grill. “I really feel cooking has made me a better designer. I fully understand what it takes to cook something from start to finish. This has helped me have a greater understanding for kitchen design as well as a love for food.” When she isn’t cooking, Mackenzie is either drawing, painting, shooting photography, or playing volleyball.

Associations: NKBA